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How to Configure Smeedee

Version Control System

Smeedee currently integrates with: TFS and SubVersion.

If you are using TFS as source control, you must remember to use "$/" as prefix for Project (Name). The GUI will help you remember by inserting $/ when you select tfs See the example under.

When configuring Smeedee to integrate with SubVersion you must specify the URL to the server - like this: Specify the Repository Name in the Project textbox.

Continuous Integration

Smeedee currently integrates with: CC.NET and TFS Team Build.

You only need to specify the URL to your CC.NET server. See the example under.

This is similar to the VCS configuration.

Project Info

The end-date must be set with american-english format: mm.dd.yyyy

User DB

* User images can not be gif images. User Jpg or Png.



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